To calculate the costs of recording a concert, add $398 for pre-production cost, plus the cost of copies and inserts, plus royalties.


Click here for the cost of copies/inserts.


Click here for royalty costs.





 On site digital recording up to 2 hours in Memphis area.

 CD mastering including as needed: tracking, minor editing (up to 30 minutes), normalization, EQ, noise reduction.

 Label, inserts design using the season's generic artwork (color front, b&w back). Deduct $50.00 if you donít want inserts.

 Text insertion from your computerized personnel listing and program listing in this style. If you chose not to provide a computer document, add $60.00/hour for keying text information. $60.00 minimum.





Shipping via media mail:

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For additional services see Ala Carte.

Large Ensembles